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Rizuan Tempek & Jamali Ayau


The fight against COVID-19 in Malaysia requires an all-of-society effort. Everyone plays an important role in preventing spread by ensuring that all necessary precautions advised by the Ministry of Health are observed. This includes rural communities and indigenous groups as well as migrant and refugee communities in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Health Coalition’s Letters to Malaysians and Letters to Friends of Malaysia are health infographics in 29 languages and dialects aimed to enhance public understanding of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.

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Rural Languages

Approximately 24% of Malaysia’s population are in rural areas, with indigenous groups and ethnic minorities making up a significant portion of this population. They are an important part of our community who should also understand and practice the same guidelines to protect themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consider sharing our pages to people who can reach these communities. Every share helps. 

Migrant Friends Languages

It is estimated that Malaysia is host to more than 2 million migrants and refugees. As they reside within our community, any outbreak may potentially affect us too. Protect them to protect all Malaysians.

Main Languages

Published “Letters to Malaysians” in commonly spoken languages in Malaysia

Other Languages - download only

You may now download the visuals and messages for “Letters to Malaysians” of other languages here: